Webview Patient Portal

Even if you have already enrolled in Webview Patient Portal, you must read and accept the following “Webview Agreement” every time you use Webview.  Then, please click the “I Agree” link at the bottom of this page.

  • I understand that the Patient Portal is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, I will call my clinic or dial 911.
  • If I do NOT receive a response to a message I sent within 3 business days, then I will call the office where I am normally seen. I understand that I will not receive a response to a Patient Portal message on weekends or holidays. If my medical concern is urgent, then I will contact the medical center where I am normally seen.

Tip: If you don’t find an expected email from us check your SPAM and JUNK folders. To avoid any missed messages, please notify us with any changes to your email address.

  • I understand that my username and password will be unique to my health information and sharing my username and password may grant others access to my health information. I further understand that any health information disclosed as a result of sharing my username and password may no longer be protected under federal or state law and could be further released by the individual who receives the information.
  • I understand that access to Webview Patient Portal will be monitored through a logon audit.
  • Adolescent patients have the right to medical privacy by law.  Upon request, these patients will be able to change the email address they use for Webview Patient Portal as well as their password.
  • I understand that I should remember to log out and close my browser when I am finished accessing the password protected Webview Patient Portal. This prevents someone else from accessing my personal information if I leave or share my computer, or if I use a public computer (i.e., like a library, kiosk, or internet cafe).
  • I understand that the terms and conditions of this user agreement may change periodically. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the web site. I understand that I should review the agreement routinely for changes and modifications.

I Agree                                                                                              I Do Not Agree

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